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Bitcoin maintains chances of breaking $45,600. - Posted By Matango (matango) on 18th Feb 22 at 4:12am
Bitcoin rose to its highest value in the last week (+4.4%), ending the day around $44,100.

Ethereum jumped 7.3% to hit $3,100, while other leading altcoins in the top 10 also gained in value.

At the moment, Bitcoin has corrected to $43,000, however, fundamental news may serve as a driver for further growth of the digital currency.

Overnight, the capitalization of the crypto market rose by 2% to $1.98 trillion. Since the beginning of January, the market has not risen above the $2 trillion mark.

Altcoins outperformed, resulting in a 0.3% decline in the Bitcoin Dominance Index to 40.4%.

The index of fear and greed has risen from 46 to 51, having moved from the territory of fear to the neutral zone.

Re: Bitcoin maintains chances of breaking $45,600. - Posted By Faina (faina) on 18th Feb 22 at 12:34pm
Hello. Now there has been a correction of about 7% down, so a further decline in bitcoin is possible. Perhaps you need to learn more about the popular binance exchange where you can get the latest news if you are interested in the crypto market. I really accidentally looked here, probably just out of habit and saw your recent message.

Re: Bitcoin maintains chances of breaking $45,600. - Posted By BalanceBlind (balanceblind) on 12th May 22 at 10:22am
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