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blood sample and clothes fragment (31st Dec 19 at 2:03am UTC)
The bright elder brother sighs a way:"So say your this boy to is the life that mixs on a way, see not pure general situation.You don't see a nation as well now to us is what attitude, once you really bound this boy to walk and had no for several days, the police will seek to come.After all previous this boy reports to the police and says into the elder brother's person to harass him, once he disappear, become an elder brother and then will be investigated by the police."
Huang San Nao head way:"That we are here keep watch on him why?"
The bright elder brother says:"Wait that boy to come back, we silently go in to is fond of him dizzy, then take to order his blood to return into an elder brother there, blood contrast leave on the scene with intensive fighting, once discovering both aring similar, would truely grasping this boy to cross-examine.That time, become an elder brother even if be investigated by the police, also worthwhile, otherwise wronged too much."
Huang San Nao head way:"But in case of really is this boy stem of, this boy affirmative fierce, can we really be fond of to faint him?"
The bright elder brother despises a way:"That person since becomes the elder brother's honored guest, how may have what fighting strength?It be grasped by this boy to walk easily.Is much less who also not know this boy back whether has assistant, if is his assistant to make moves?So for the sake of just in case, I to do the survey discovers this boy being outstripping to do exercise to keep fit to toughen Xi force in the center, it is a not well-known coach to teach his, do of is still the most common effort set road, practice time just only have how many days, look childish must very, basically nothing important fighting strength, you feel that novice our 2 people like this makes uncertain?"
Huang San this just trusts, 2 people continue to keep watch on the house that the Yan flies.
The Yan flies to divide time to listen to these 2 people's dialogues through an unmanned machine clear, immediately whole body cold sweat.He from think that having already reduced as far as possible is exposed Be getting more dangerous, but have never thought still leave behind next so many loopholes.
The blood sample that the intensive fighting leaves on the scene, matter hair on that day body up be dressed in of clothes, also have own bread car be taken by the monitor of the other party, is all what he neglected.Now those people return just doubt, once they really from they here got gene, an analysis contrast, will thoroughly target oneself.
Luckily the Yan flew bad sun of Yin to wrongly discover the person of these two surveillance oneselfs, still from the their mouth in found out so many informations, he has time to make up this loophole and otherwise bother big.

Chapter 15 again attacks
The Yan flew to learn of to aim at his/her own scheme and made a firm decision right away and was concealed this to suffer from thoroughly solution.Hence he no longer goes home and adjusts to turn a car head, facing city south to open.But the unmanned machine divide time to then stay at first and continued to keep watch on those two men.
Those two men don't know that he or she has already revealed an important secret, they continue to chat, just mouth inside but start the romantic affair get up, there is no useful information any further.Seeing them hasn't been worth of, the unmanned machine divides time to silently return to room, is placed in to need machine status and avoids the waste that the energy orders.
The Yan flies to understand in the heart, his biggest flaw is intensive fighting to leave on the scene of blood sample and clothes fragment, wholesale Plantation shutters want ~only after science examination, he wants to depend on none of Zhangs to go.As for bread car why will in that time appear a neighborhood on the spot, isn't too important problem at all, literally can explain pass by.So he as long as the processing in time drops those blood sample and clothes fragment, ten thousand matter great lucks.
The bread car that the Yan flies always facing city south to drive, but he always lets the distance that keeps 10 kilometers in himself/herself and house, then he finds out one well-known large take a bath center, stop bread car is attractively having the position to shoot to be like a head, connect down getting into of swagger to take a bath center, start taking a shower.
The Yan flew to still open a room alone and let a young kid sister wash a feet for oneself after finishing.For letting this kid sister is impressed with him, he also to speak some jokes with a content for her and stired this kid sister roar with laughter.The end closes door, an appearance that will take a rest.
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