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Bi-fold Shutters (14th Jul 20 at 1:28am UTC)
At this time of year, our home design "fashionista" will announce 2016 home decoration trends. I searched a lot of blogs, our favorite residence magazines and experts narrowed your choices at Houzz, I have 10 trends to screen through-embrace them, abandon them, mock them for loving them, but at least you will update the latest styles.
The rigid industrial garage is now obsolete, so decorating pillows, windows and interiors with tassels, ribbons and ropes will have a more elegant feel. A more sophisticated retro style will be popular this year, and the dramatic cloth style will be repeated on our windows.
All of these wild themes are stronger than ever before, with bright colors, vivid designs and rich patterns that evoke our response to "Where are the beasts!"
Tropical jungle animals
The geometric and soft weave is defeating the tactile and rough texture of jute, sisal and rough fibers. Our feet long for the soft feeling under the feet and comfortable cushion rest. Follow in, come out.
Gray will still be the new classic color to match everything Poly Shutters. The combination of gray and yellow will make people feel soothed and happy, and the combination of earthy green will give an organic and natural feeling.
In the past few years, garden stools have quietly slipped into our homes from the outside, but taller and more sculpted pedestals are raising the standard in 2016. Use a long, thin base to highlight an extra corner, on which lies a spectacular cactus or a sculpture or a discovered object.
Houzz predicts that black stainless steel kitchenware will become the kitchen's fashion in 2016. The new look of the kitchen this year will be smooth, dark and an ode to "Star Wars". May the Force be in your kitchen!
2016 will be another iconic year embracing local craftsmen, introducing natural homemade styles such as hand-layed pillows or fabrics, custom glazed pottery or folk art. Search your local art gallery, art school, and don't forget to go through your child's art box to find those unique decorative items.
Metals such as platinum, gold, silver and copper used for surfaces, decorations, pillows or fabrics remain the queen of charm in this year's design. Conquer the glitz and let the inner sheen shine in your room.
The popular blue and white local design comes from the Netherlands in the 17th century and has a strong appearance on fabrics, hand-painted pottery and wallpaper. Don't ignore these rural landscapes and graphic floral patterns drawn in classic white and dark blue to add an interesting taste to your home Cafe Style Shutters. The design of Delft is also redesigning our contemporary emotions.
Green plants are always popular with their clear, crisp, simple accents. Don't overplant plants. Just put a large palm leaf in a vase, a strong and solemn cactus, or a shallow plate of new seeds of grass buds, you can immediately disperse all the cold souls that surround the house.
Trends come and go, but the true stories we tell at home are expressed by the people we love and the things we love! This is the only trend you should always keep sacred.
Being able to avoid the cold winter is partly why it is so enjoyable. Nothing compares to enjoying the snow in the warm and comfortable living room while drinking hot cocoa. Unless you are watching from a well-ventilated window. Not only do the windy windows let cold air leak in, but they also cannot properly contain heat, making you spend more on your energy bill. Consider installing insulated honeycomb visors for your windows or installing your own weather strip. The weatherproof bar may seem daunting, but it is actually a very common DIY project Hinged Shutters. If you can measure, cut and drill-you can do it. When you are done, you can use these measurements to browse our various honeycomb shades for more energy-efficient insulation.
Open the sliding glass door
Over time, sliding glass doors accumulate large amounts of dirt on their tracks, which ultimately makes it difficult to open them. You don’t want to ignore a stuck door, and your guests don’t want to feel trapped at home. Fortunately, there is a simple solution. First clean both sides of the track to remove anything that might stain things. I recommend using a flat-blade screwdriver to scrape anything hidden in the wheel well, and finally use a vacuum cleaner to remove excess dirt. Try the door again to see if it is still stuck, and if so, spray silicon spray on the inside of the track to ensure a smooth, unrestrained slide.
Repair worn wooden furniture
Solid wood furniture looks warm and elegant unless it undergoes home renovation year after year. Wear, bumps and scratches will slowly accumulate on the wood chips, but these are things you should pay attention to unless you want a very painful look. This may sound ridiculous, but walnuts may be the best tool for this job. Rub the walnut along the scratches on the furniture, and of course remove the walnut shell. Let the oil soak for a few minutes, then wipe with a small cloth. On dark wood, try to mix the used coffee grounds with water and apply the mixture to the scars Sliding Shutters. The darker the color of the wood, the more you should leave it there before wiping off the stain. Although this is not a miracle cure, it will definitely give your furniture a cleaner, more polished appearance.
Separate sticker
The only thing that children like more than stickers is to put stickers everywhere. Mostly in places that do not belong to them. Although a set of frozen stickers looks very festive, this may not be the sticker that you want your guests to see on the table. Try to heat up the stubborn stickers with a hair dryer to loosen the stickiness. After a period of time, the decals will come off. If something sticky remains, you can soak the affected area with rubbing alcohol or white vinegar and wipe it off with a rag. simple!
Open stubborn windows
Although this winter may be too cold to open the windows, make sure that your windows are working properly and there is no harm. Obviously, we may be a little partial to windows, but if necessary, you need to make sure that your guests get extra air. In case the holiday becomes too heavy, there is another way to climb out of the house and escape. First, check the internal track for obvious obstacles. If you can't find anything, spray a little silicon lubricant on the rag and wipe it up and down on the inner rail. Silicone spray is colorless Bi-fold Shutters, does not leave any sticky residue, just smooth stripes, your windows should slide over without problems. The best part is that this little trick will apply to all types of windows-metal, wood, or plastic.
Quiet the floor
Nothing is more annoying than a crunchy wooden floor—especially when you have a few extra feet walking around. This usually happens when boards or nails on the floor start to loosen and rub against each other. In order to solve the problem quickly, a little baby powder can be dropped between each board and rubbed between the cracks. The baby powder will eventually stabilize, eliminating the friction between the boards, and of course, the noise. Oh, Christmas Eve! If nothing else, Santa will be able to cripple deliver gifts around the house without squeaking and waking the children.
These remedies are effective and you have enough time to complete them before your guests rush into the snow to your door. Your crazy uncle will not wake you up every night because he will crunch to the cookies, and your parents will not point out that the shape of the gingerbread house is better than your own home. It seems that the wishes of the festival have really come true! Now that you have the tools to make your home feel new, you can suspend cheating. Happy holiday!"
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